A Beautiful Bluebird Day at Meadows

The ride crew and I had an incredible bluebird experience at the mountain. I hardly use the dark sunny gogs on Mount Hood, but this was the day! Thank god I put on sunscreen too! This was a best case scenario spring day feel on the slopes. The temperatures started in the upper 20s and got to mid 30s. The snow was playful on the groomers and in the trees. The only ice had to be hunted out in Heather Canyon. We hit groomers, side booters, and cruised over into Heather's. The best part was crossing high over Heather Canyon over to Clark Canyon. Clark creek had a gorgeous waterfall before the creek joined Heather down below. 

I was parking at 9:30 which was late for the best parking on a Saturday. However, the shuttle system is very good. It was easy to ride all the way to the parking lot from the resort. I simply slid my TekSleeve snowboard cover over my board, threw the rest of my gear in the back of the car, and I was on my way back to Portland. TekSleeve is the easiest way to protect your gear from rust and during transport, and during storage. Never worry about all that water soaking your car. TekSleeve wicks and absorbs moisture, drying within 24 hours. This is the cover you need for your skis and snowboards! TekSleeve works with any ski and snowboard transportation method including rooftop carriers, roof racks, ski/snowboard racks, back of the truck, back of the truck, and any others. TekSleeve ski and snowboard cover is superior to big bulky ski and snowboard bags in several ways. Big bulky bags trap moisture, creating the perfect conditions to rust your valuable equipment. Many people make the mistake of throwing their equipment in the back of the car or truck in a large pile with no protection. That's one of the best ways to damage all the gear for your ski and snowboard crew! It takes only seconds to put a beautiful TekSleeve cover on your equipment before travel. Simply store your equipment in TekSleeve for protection during storage. Perhaps the best thing about TekSleeve is the lifetime money back guarantee! Replace at any time for any reason.

I'm hoping everyone is getting the best from the winter season! Keep shredding!