Epic Powder Day at Timberline

My good scuba diving friend, Spencer, and I enjoyed a top tier powder day at Timberline Lodge ski resort. The powder was deep and kept on coming all day long! As all good powder hounds do, we both tried all the runs to see what part of the mountain had the best hits. Found them! The east side of the resort was great, but found some hidden gems everywhere on the mountain. My favorite thing on powder days is to find a steep and long black diamond, and let it rip! Finding speed in powder gives you the best surfy feel the mountains have to offer. I love feeling the natural float and exhilarating freedom that comes with it! 

I highly recommend a lunch break at Phlonx Point Cabin for a drink and amazing tacos. Spencer and I recharged and talked to some of the local Timberline regulars. 

Spencer and I both have a TekSleeve to protect our gear during transport and storage. I drove my four wheel drive Toyota and we simply threw all our gear in the back with the seats down. It's only smart to have protection for your ski and snowboard equipment. TekSleeve also protects your ski and snowboard equipment from rust because it utilizes microfiber quick dry technology to dry within 24 hours. Moisture from snow and ice will wick away from gear and and dries faster than rust can form. TekSleeve also has a lifetime money back guarantee! If you keep your equipment nice, reconditioning edges and ride surfaces will be seldom or never necessary.