The Snow is Here!

I finally made my first trip to Mount Hood for the season. It was a slow start to get a descent base of snow at Mount Hood Meadows, but the recent storm did not disappoint! Tons of fresh powder snow and new fresh snow falling all day long. Free refills! Tree runs were the highlight of my day with tons of playful pow. Meadows had trouble keeping most of the lifts running, so we made the best of it. The new six person wide chairlift is making the lift lines go much faster from the main lift. 

I'm really liking my new snowboard with a hybrid rocker-camber-rocker. Feel free to message me if you are interested in this snowboard camber profile. It's plenty aggressive and playful. It also deals with powder riding very well!

I attached a photo of my board in my beautiful TekSleeve at the close of my ride day. TekSleeve ski and snowboard cover is an easy sleeve that slides on your skis or snowboard with one hand. This is the easiest way to protect your valuable gear from rust and damage while traveling to the mountain. I like this much more than the bulky snowboard bag I had been using. 

Soon, I will create some instagram content on different ski and snowboard transportation methods. Many TekSleeve owners love their TekSleeve for easy transport in the back of the car, like I do. My friends Sean and Kalia like to put their skis in the back of their truck, and TekSleeve cover is great for that! Many people like them for their ski racks and snowboard racks. Simple protection cuts down on road grime and rocks pelting your equipment during transport. Others, enjoy their rooftop carriers with easy protection for their skis and snowboards. No matter your ski and snowboard transportation preference, TekSleeve ski and snowboard cover will help protect and wick moisture away from equipment to prevent rust.